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Jacksonville Attorney Helping Out-Of-State Drivers Contest Traffic Tickets

Eastern North Carolina attracts drivers from all over the Southeast and beyond. Some are coming to visit military family members at Camp Lejeune. Others come through the Jacksonville area on their way to area beaches. When these out-of-state drivers are cited for speeding or other violations, what should they do?

Before you decide to pay the ticket, call Bell Law Firm in Jacksonville. We regularly handle traffic violations for people from other states, often helping them avoid paying fines and avoid getting points on their driving records in their home states. Our founding attorney, Hiram Bell, has more than 30 years of experience and will handle many types of traffic offenses that you may be cited for in North Carolina.

You Won't Have To Come Back For A Hearing

Many drivers simply pay the fine if they are ticketed in another state. However, we want you to know that in many cases you can fight the ticket without having to come back to North Carolina. Our Jacksonville office can handle the vast majority of traffic violation issues via email, phone and fax. Mr. Bell can go to court on your behalf as well.

We communicate with clients clearly and often, particularly when representing someone who is in another state. You can rest assured that while you are back home going about your business, we will be here handling the ticket and doing everything we can to keep your record as clear as possible.

Contact Bell Law Firm For Help With Out-Of-State Traffic Tickets

Don't pay your North Carolina traffic ticket without talking to a lawyer first. Get the advice you need from a Jacksonville attorney at Bell Law Firm by calling 910-378-2873 or by contacting us online for a consultation.

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