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Jacksonville Alimony Lawyers

Divorce can bring a lot of upheaval with it. During the course of a marriage you become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and level of financial stability. Divorce often results in one or both spouses making a large adjustment in lifestyle or economic status. Temporary spousal support or even long-term alimony can be sought to bridge the gap as they transition to the next phase of their life.

At Bell Law Firm, our knowledgeable lawyers can answer your questions about spousal support and alimony, and help you pursue your rights. We represent men and women in Jacksonville and throughout North Carolina, including military members and military spouses.

Onslow County Spousal Support Attorneys

Post-separation support consists of payments to a dependent spouse after separation to provide for his or her financial well-being. In order to be eligible to receive post-separation support, a spouse must demonstrate that he or she is the dependent spouse, that his or her spouse has provided support throughout the course of the marriage and that the supporting spouse has the ability to pay.


Alimony is long-term support paid to a dependent spouse for a specific term or permanently depending on a number of factors the court will consider. In order for a dependent spouse to be granted alimony, the court must rule that the award is equitable based on all of the relevant factors, which include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Marital misconduct
  • Each spouse's age, mental health and physical health
  • Earning power and ability to pay
  • Property brought into the marriage by either spouse

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