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Jacksonville Property Division Lawyers

The division of assets and debts is a critical step in the divorce process. With assets such as homes, bank accounts, vehicles and retirement accounts hanging in the balance, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney guiding you through your divorce to ensure you receive your fair share of marital property.

At Bell Law Firm, we can explain your property rights and be your advocates. Call us today at 910-378-2873 or toll free at 800-742-2701 for a consultation with our Jacksonville property division attorney, Hiram Bell, who has more than 30 years of experience handling these cases for clients throughout North Carolina.

Creating Practical And Effective Property Settlements

Our focus is on identifying all marital assets and debts in order to ensure a settlement that reflects an accurate accounting of divisible property. We are skilled at evaluating assets and making sure that complex situations involving family businesses and other assets are resolved as efficiently as possible.

Equitable Distribution Of Debt

Marital debt is often lost in the shuffle when people consider divorce. Not only is property subject to the rules of equitable division, marital debt is also divided equitably among the parties in a divorce. In recent times, this has become an important issue as couples are often underwater on mortgages or holding significant credit card debt. Jacksonville attorney Hiram Bell can help you identify all sources of marital debt and press for a settlement that protects your interests.

A Note On Retirement Assets

Retirement accounts such as 401(k) plans can be subject to division just like other types of property. Mr. Bell is experienced in handling this issue for civilians, and he is also well-versed in resolving matters involving military pensions and other types of military benefits. If you are stationed at Camp Lejeune or overseas, Bell Law Firm is here to assist you.

Contact Our North Carolina Property Division Lawyers

We are ready to help you resolve your property division matters effectively and efficiently. Whether you are a civilian or member of the military, Bell Law Firm is prepared for the challenges that are present in a divorce. Call our Jacksonville office at 910-378-2873 or email us to arrange a consultation.

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